Tweets of the Week: My God, how did I get here?

Another roaring edition of Tweets of the Week – we have a flying Valverde, an Oman boyband called Greg and the Van Avermaets, in the car with That Boy Phinney – followed on the road by Daniel Oss and his lustrous curls, and Geraint Thomas in charge of an airplane* (*this might be an alternative fact). Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it …
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Tweets of the Week: Desert punch, EastEnd dreams, and springloaded Classics

Wow. I’ve made quite the haul from casting my net into the Twitterstream this past week. We have punch-ups, we have love-ins, we have thespian threats, we have gambolling goats. Kittel, Wiggins, Boonen, van Vleuten, Martin, Howson and sooooo much more. Dig in!
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