Stage two winner Jan Bakelants

ITV’s Ned Boulting caught up with stage two winner Jan Bakelants and asked him what he’d have said if someone had told him at breakfast that he would win the day’s stage and be wearing the yellow jersey:

“I’d say ‘You’re mad, shut up, go away! If you say this once again I’ll punch you in the face. But now I’m here in this incredibly beautiful jersey. Tonight I dress in this to sleep.'”

You can see why he’s Jens Voigt’s roommate, can’t you?

Bradley Wiggins talks about the stuff he wants to do, which doesn’t seem to include another Tour title tilt:

“If I do anything else after this it will be stuff I want to do, stuff that I’m willing to train hard and sacrifice for really. For me it was always about winning the Tour, that was a huge thing for me, a huge journey; I’ve been doing that four years. I don’t know if I’d want to go through all that again to be honest. I’ve always had other goals and there are other things I’d like to try and do.”

Guardian interview 21/06/13