VeloVoices Podcast 207: Throwin’ the Oakleys

Kathi, Midge,, and Euan gather round the table to pull apart the first full week of the 2023 Tour de France. It’s been a ding-dong battle at the top of the GC race with thrills and swings aplenty. They discuss:

  • Who wins between Pog and Jonas?
  • Do their teams understand tactics?
  • Mark Cavendish‘s sad goodbye to the Tour
  • We sing the praises of the fast men AND the riders who just stop!

Plus Midge wants a word with the UCI about motor racing circuits, Kathi waxes lyrical about her beloved Wout van Aert and Euan notices one team that seemingly isn’t trying.

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Tour Moments of Joy: Stage 6 – Wout Power

‘Wout is in a pout.’ ‘What’s Wout doing? Is he riding for himself?’ ‘Wout isn’t looking very good this Tour.’ Blah de blah de Wout de blah – and that was just on our VeloVoices WhatsApp chats! One of my moments of joy for Stage 6 of Tour de France 2023 was Wout putting to bed all the Netflix-inspired theories of a Jonas/Wout split, bad form and a pouty Wouty, all in one looooooooooong blazing display of strength.

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VeloVoices Podcast 204: Retirement Homes and High Escalators

Kathi, Midge, Luke, Issie and Euan are back, baby! They rattle through the pulsating opening action of 2023, including:

  • Everything that’s changed since we last spoke
  • The battle of the big three in the spring classics
  • The tussle for stage race supremacy
  • And where can you get good French toast?

Issie reports on her trip to see Paris-Roubaix where she encountered everyone from Tom Dumoulin to large Belgian families. Also, if you’ve yet to hear about the Denver Disruptors, the Miami Blazers and Team George’s Cycles then you are in for a treat.

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