VeloVoices Podcast 159: The Slovenian Slugfest and the disappointed Americans

It’s our final podcast for the 2020 Tour de France and – yowzah! – we’ve got a lot to talk about. Once again, Kathi, Midge and Luke are joined by our beloved Panache and we’ve asked Lukas back to give us the low down on the Giro Rosa. We reflect on an intense Tour, Luke is raging and about to start a #FreeKuss campaign, and we all name three of our favourite things

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Stage 16 Instant Kamna 

Stage 17 Oh Superman 

Stage 18 Kwiato’s Beautiful Reward 

Stage 19 Double Danish Delight 

Stage 20 Slovenian Stunner 

Stage 21 The Champs Goes Green 

Tour Tweets of the Week Wout And Not Wout 



VeloVoices Podcast 158: The return of Kiss My Panache

It’s been a tense Tour this week, with the kind of crackle in the air you get when you feel a storm on the horizon. Midge, Luke, and Kathi are joined by Chris to exclaim over Stages 10-15, the green jersey battle, and Wout!

It’s all here for your listening pleasure.

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Stage 10, Stage 11, Stage 12, Stage 13, Stage 14, Stage 15

Tour Tweets of the Week The Jumbo Hive Mind!

VeloVoices Podcast 157: Philosophy, Pox and Pogacar Pop

Kathi, Midge, Luke and Euan gather round the table to discuss the week’s happenings at the 2020 Tour de France.

  • Which riders have caught our eyes?
  • Which team boss is a complete idiot?
  • Who are our podium picks?
  • What is the future for Thibaut Pinot?

There’s loads about the stages we loved, next to nothing about the stages we didn’t love and a worrying outbreak of Slovenian rapping.

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Stage 1   Stage 2   Stage 3    Stage 4  Stage 5  Stage 6  Stage 7  Stage 8  Stage 9

Tour Tweets of the Week : Mod no more!