Tour de France 2017: A to Z, Part 2 – from Never … to Zig-zag

It’s part two of our super-duper A to Z of the 2017 Tour de France. We go from Never give up to Zig-Zag … (Missed part one? click here!)
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Tour de France 2017: A to Z part 1 – Aruuuuuuuu to Most Valuable

It’s time to run down the A to Z of the Tour de France 2017 – and we’re going to start with a song! Let’s go back to Dusseldorf when the Tour had yet to start and everyone was, in the words of the late Dusty Springfield… wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’.

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Tour Tweets of the Week: Pox and hearts; pain faces and dead eyes

It’s the final Tour Tweets of the Week for 2017 – and it’s a bumper crop. We have Kwiatkowski and Froome pleading to #FreeLanda, WaWa Barguil takes the pox and hearts, Bedhead Bardet gives it all – and we’ve got it all – all except podium pictures, that is.
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