Friday Feature: VeloEye photographer Rhode Van Elsen

One of the great things about VeloVoices is the people I get to meet through our mutual passion for cycling. One such chance encounter was with Belgian, nay Flemish, photographer Rhode Van Elsen who’s kindly agreed to share with us some of his evocative work which, unsurprisingly, has a very patriotic feel to it. As a consequence, we’re having my homemade speculoos (crisp cinnamon flavoured Belgian biscuits) with our espresso. Continue reading

TotW: Dope, sweat and taunts

We have much to get through this week so let’s get pedalling!

Mud packs

First off, the talk of the weekend was the CycloCross World Championships, which were all run on one day as the Ohio River decided to flood the next. So there was mud. Mud all over, especially on new Champ Sven Nys. I thought I’d start with this picture because it really does sum up a lot about why we all love cycling. Continue reading