The VeloVoices Podcast: Hear all about it!

It’s the cycling podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Every fortnight or so, from the spring classics onwards, VeloVoices from around the world get together and chat through the races ridden, the riders of the races and other two-wheeled shenanigans. What we lack in knowledge and insight we make up for with … verve! If you haven’t heard our gales of laughter yet, here is where you can find the VeloVoices Podcast:

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VeloVoices Awards 2015: The Crystal Ball Award

You may remember VeloVoices #MysticFondue and her uncanny dream-based predictions this season *cough* The Mighty Degs *cough*. With 2016 still a long way away we all have plenty of time to sit on the sofa, dim the lights and get a little mystical with a crystal ball ourselves. Let’s see what was revealed when the mist cleared in the VeloVoices Crystal Ball Award.

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Boonen & Cancellara double interview

“We are never going to get in a situation where he is going to push me off the bike, for example, or the other way around.”

They’re both in good form and starting to ratchet it up for the April fortnight of Flanders and Roubaix. Trek Factory posted this double interview with Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara to talk about their friendly rivalry and this year’s Classics.

Cancellara team car (Image: Trek Factory)