The Musette: Gazpacho

It’s the beginning of the second weekend of the Vuelta and we’re in the scorching south of Spain, in Andalucía. To my mind, it can mean only one dish – a freshly made, ice-cold gazpacho. This perfect hot-weather soup is simply a salad in liquid form, which means it’s one of the easiest dishes to make. All you need to get started is a blender or food processor and some super-tasty, juicy tomatoes.

I make a litre or two of this most weeks to enjoy immediately after I get back from my morning ride. It’s delicious, cooling, contains at least three of your five-a-day and is low in calories – what’s not to like? Of course, it’s another of those recipes where there are more versions than Spaniards. I’m just adding to that pile with my very own take on it. Continue reading