Sebastien Chavanel knocks out Nacer Bouhanni

FDJ poisson-pilote Sebastien Chavanel v team-sprinter Nacer Bouhanni. Specialist subject: Milan-San Remo. This short vid is in French but don’t let that deter you – any cycling fan with a smattering of French should be able to understand it. How well did you do? I’d like to think that any of the VeloVoices would have been more than a match for Seb.

Our man in the peloton: Sebastien Chavanel tackles Oman

We caught up with FDJ sprinter Sebastien Chavanel after he returned from his first trip to the Middle East and the Tour of Oman. For a rider who’s more used to nights spent in French hotel chains, this was a week in the lap of luxury with plenty of enthusiastic support from the locals.

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