AntBanter: What makes a great sprinter?

There are few scenes in sport which can match the frantic, head-down, balls-out charge to the line that is a bunch sprint. Watching from afar, it resembles a wave powering in to shore, wiping out anything in its path with an all-consuming fury. Slow it down, focus in, and the wave becomes a mass of snarling riders, straining to channel every remaining drop of power from muscle to sinew, to pedal, to road, to speed. Look more closely, and you can start to make sense of the mayhem. The different kinds of rider emerge, different styles, different body shapes and different tactics. This is the complexity that makes it hard to claim that one rider is a greater sprinter than all others. Hard, but not impossible! Continue reading

AntBanter: Seeing the race live

With both Kitty and Sheree making visits to the Giro this week, I’ve taken to quelling my jealousy with thoughts of live races I’ve been to myself and thoughts of races yet to come. Whilst I’m something of an amateur spectator, you could say that Kitty and Sheree move in more elite circles, and take to such ventures in a far more expert and experienced fashion, so I thought I’d see what tales they may have to tell.


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