Tweets of the Week: Tattoos, kidneys, inflatables and waffles

Tour Down Under now done and dusted – it was a hot race (temperature wise) with the usual Willunga Hill win by Richie Porte and the predictions that due to Caleb Ewan‘s performance, this will be his season. What was a surprise was a soap star winning the whole thing! It’s another irreverent Tweets of the Week with creepy tattoos, disguised DSs on bikes, echelon laments and wafflesContinue reading

Tweets of the Week: Sweet Chaves and the last of the roos

Hello, hello! So we’re into the racing now and it’ll be like this until the end of October. One thing, however, that won’t be going on until the end of October is cyclists cuddling joeys. Therefore, this is the last Tweets this year where such behaviour will be featured. But it won’t be the last Tweets to feature the Little Kangaroo. We have a whole lotta Chaves love in this one …

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