TotW: Sep, Spartacus and Samuel L Jackson

Can this season get any better? This week’s tweets has the surprise of Pais Vasco (not least the cannabis fug hanging in the air), the blistering and beautiful Paris-Roubaix and our gruppetto of tweets too good to miss. First to Spain …

Pais Vasco

Wow man, I see rainbows. They’re beeeeaaaauuuuuttttiiiiffffuuuulll.

PV Gilbert pot

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Olympic Tweets of the Week: Vanquished Spartacus, Wasted Wiggins, Phinney fun and Samuel L Jackson

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 5th August 2012.

Gracious in defeat

There were a couple big stories this week but as I’m in charge of this column, I think you’ll all guess what was the biggest story of the week for this Kitty. Yes, it was Fabian Cancellara‘s brave defence of his Olympic time trial title. [Brace yourself, folks. Here we go … – Ed.] After crashing on Saturday, hopes that Spartacus would bounce back and ride onto the top step of the podium were just that: hopes. But his final placement on the day (seventh) in no way reflects the grit and majesty of his ride. Here’s how he – and the Twitterati – reacted to his ride on Wednesday.


Finding his #InnerVoigt

Jens paid homage to his teammate as well.

I’d like a transfer, please

Rumour has it that both Fabs and Jens will go back to Bjarne as both are out of contract by the end of the year and, let’s face it, RadioShack and the Schlecks have pretty much imploded, so why would they want to associate with either? But there are other transfer rumours going around: the most interesting being those surrounding various members of Sky.

More on these developments as they come … should be interesting for next year!

Wasted Wiggins

He’s stayed at peak form for, oh, how many months? He’s won everything going. I would want a drink after all that too. [Does anyone still want to worry if he’s peaked too soon?!? – Ed.]

Although this picture looks like he got drunk and then got accosted by a C-list boy band.

This next tweet is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. If you recall a few months ago, there was a spate of John Terry sightings … well, he struck again during the TT. It’s a wonder Wiggo didn’t blast him with a few f’s and c’s before throwing him off the bike…

And here’s some food for thought … This next tweet makes me want to dig out my Sisters of Mercy CDs and have a This Corrosion festival … [Hey na, hey na na … – Ed.]

The future is bright. The future is Phinney

You all know how I love that cheeky ‘Hollywood’ Phinney. He seemed to love London – even without an #OlympicLoveStory. And London, I suspect, loved him. So here’s a little Twitter synopsis of his time in the capital.


Even Fabs loves Phinney. You know what, though. Fabs is 6’1″. How tall is Hollywood???? Or is he standing on a box? Or is Fabs standing in a gutter? Seriously, how tall is that kid? Has he stopped growing? (Oh, you know what, I just googled it – he’s 6’5″! I never knew that!!)

Is it just me, or does that picture look like a fashion shoot for Esquire or GC? Unbelievable how good Marcus looks in those lederhosen!

And now we go off piste …

Tweeting about sport is so much fun. There’s nothing better than sharing your enthusiasm for what you’re watching with the Twittersphere. Well, who knew that Samuel L Jackson, yes, Samuel L Jackson would become required reading for anyone who loves sport, Twitter, imaginative spelling, imaginative swearing and the world’s coolest actor. Here are a few of his gems from his Olympic viewing. BEWARE: he swears. A lot.

The most amazing thing about this set of tweets!? That someone would have the AUDACITY to correct this man! WTF? I think, however, they should hire SLJ to tweet the Tour. Can you imagine it?

“WHAT was THAT? That little French guy jumped all over the MUTHACYCLINPHUCCAS and grabbed that stage by the BALLS! And his TONGUE was just LOLLIN OUT!”

Hmmm, I might tweet the Vuelta in pure Jackson style! [Uh oh – Ed.]

Random Tweets of Beauty

I collect tons of tweets for this column and never ever use them all. But there are some that, although they don’t fit with any of the themes, are just too good to leave behind. No order, no connections, just good clean fun.

This one is my favourite: Kolobnev’s smile, the strange composition and, most of all, the little kid with the big bumblebee backpack. Fabulous.

That’s it for Olympic Tweets – keep an eye out for our Eneco Tour coverage and, of course, the Vuelta from the 18th onwards. Hope you had a great Olympics!