Kitty’s Christmas 2012 gift guide to cycling tees

Christmas present

It’s December, and a cycling fan’s mind turns to thoughts of, well, you know, Christmas …

This is my eclectic list of teeshirts (and a few lovely merino wool tops) related to cycling that caught my eye because they’re funny or beautiful or both and are from small businesses who are in it for the love as well as the money. Hopefully you’ll find something you like in this list and print it off with a big circle around it so your loved one can see it and order it, or you may find something to give a loved one. Note: Nov 2013 – some of these products are no longer available, but some of them are!

Groovy tees

You really can’t go wrong with a cool tee and cycling fans are spoiled for choice.

I Am the Motor, Stomach of Anger, $25 (c£17)

Stomach of Anger is a teeshirt company based in East Lansing, Michigan, which is where I studied art history (and boys) at Michigan State University. I love these teeshirts because they’re subtle. I am the motor is what Fabian Cancellara said when the UCI decided to x-ray his bike to make sure it didn’t have an engine and we all know about the Suitcase of courage. (Of course even the company name is an inside joke – what Andy Schleck said after Chaingate …). And lest we forget, 108. The tees are about $25, which is about £17, and shipping is about $6-10 to the UK. Best order asap for Christmas.

Suitcase of Courage, Stomach of Anger, $25 (c£17)

108, Stomach of Anger, $25 (c£17)

Super-cool Velolove do a line of Pantone-chip inspired Grand Tour jersey tees. My favourite is the Giro’s maglia rosa. One of their most popular designs is Mod Chainring – if you like it, you need to get one quick! They also do a line of teeshirts celebrating the different types of cyclists, including domestique. Wear them with pride! Tees are £25 with free UK delivery.

Mod chainring, Velolove, £25

Maglia Rosa, Velolove, £25

Domestique, Velolove, £25

Of course, you should all know by now what Riding Paniagua means – so why not wear your philosophy on your sleeve or, er, chest? Designed by Velocast, this teeshirt is available in a variety of colours and styles (even those really cool baseball shirts – you know the ones, white body with coloured sleeves?) for men and women. They start at about £20 for tees and go up to  around £38 for hoodies. They also have stickers(!) at about two squids. Available from redbubble.

Riding Paniagua, Velocast, c£20

In a sort of Led Zeppelin homage, the Three Chainrings teeshirt is subtle yet striking. It comes in four different styles, including long-sleeved and fitted, and in eight colours, although I think basic black is the best. Around £21, available from CafePress.

Three Chainrings, Cafe Press, c£21

Romster Bike Wear has a great selection of teeshirts for men, women and children and is particularly strong on teeshirts celebrating British cyclists such as Tom Simpson and Bradley Wiggins. My favourite, however, is Hell of the North. Around £20.

Hell of the North, Romster Bike Wear, c£20

Tom Simpson World Champion, Romster Bike Wear, c£20

And for something a little more sophisticated

Chris of Velobici does a beautiful range of merino wool cycling clothes. As this Christmas guide isn’t about cycling kit per se, I’ve picked out a few of the pieces that could easily be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. The Tommy Goodwin classic jersey is in homage to the 1948 Olympic track hero and is a seamless, quarter-zip jersey made from 100% organic Merino wool and is £145. Guaranteed to make anyone look like a hero. Or go for the Christmas bundle of classic cardigan (in black or grey), cable scarf (in claret/grey or light grey/dark grey) and long cuff gloves – all in seamless 100% Merino wool – for £160 (saving over 20%).

Tommy Godwin classic jersey, Velobici, £145

Christmas bundle, Velobici, £160

But that’s not all – look out for my selection of stocking stuffers, coming this way tomorrow!