Book review: At Speed – Mark Cavendish

At Speed Mark Cavendish coverAmong his detractors and even within the peloton it has become popular to think of Mark Cavendish as an angry, emotional hothead who speaks before he thinks. And while that is undeniably one aspect of his character, the truth is rather more complex. Here is a genuine racer with an appreciation for both the art and science of sprinting, one who does logic puzzles and sudoku to keep his mind and not just his legs sharp, and who can be as thoughtful as he is opinionated. At Speed reveals every facet of the man known simply as ‘Cav’.

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Riding with Panache: Giro LTZ Gloves

On hot summer days like we’re having now I hate wearing heavy gloves with lots of padding when I ride. I don’t want hot hands unless they belong to a supermodel rubbing me down after a winter ride! I prefer gloves that are light and aero, give me some additional grip, and look as pro as hell.

I was pleasantly surprised when Joao Correia (former Cervelo Test Team rider) from InGamba bike tours sent me a black pair of Giro LTZ gloves to try out last year. I loved them so much that early this summer I ordered two pairs of white ones that go nicely with my team kit and white sunglasses. Continue reading