Giro Tweets of the Week: Box jumps, Biblical rain and a lurking Shark

It was the first full week of the Giro d’Italia and it was a strange ol’ race. Some super sprints, some riding in the rain and a shakeup in the GC before they’ve even gotten to a mountain … All ruminated over in the Twittersphere and plucked out for your reading pleasure … It’s the original, it’s the best, it’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK

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Christmas Gift Guide 2018 : Give a little bit – cycling charities

I think most of us would agree that cycling has a lot of benefits – physical, mental, financial – and that riding a bike gives a person a certain autonomy, a freedom to come and go as you please – a self reliance. So my Christmas gift guide this year is dedicated to charities and non-profits that help make cycling accessible for those whose lives could significantly change by having two wheels to set them on their way. Give once, give regularly, volunteer or even just find your own way to spread the velolove where it’s needed most. Any way you want to do it, giving back is the best gift you can give.  Continue reading

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Cycling prints and more

You’ve got the teeshirt, the cycling kit – now stick something fabulous on your wall! We don’t just have cycling prints, however, we have some stationery, a training app to get you fit and faster, and a charity that knows what freedom a bicycle can mean … 

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