Tweets of the Week 2020: All the wins, great gifs, and Sunweb games

We had lots of racing last week, which meant lots of winners! We also continue to build our planned VeloVoices TV detective series with a new location (Kaden Groves); games with Sunweb, Ag2r giving good gif and much much more. Yes, it’s Tweets of the WEEEEEEEEK

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Tweets of the Week 2020: Bedhead snaps, Degs sector, riding with champions

Oh it was a predictable week with some pretty unpredictable aspects. We have cobbley goodness, thanks to the Mighty Degs; Bedhead’s new career; results on Willunga Hill; Lumberjacks! Dead Parrots! What are we on? FIRE, people! We are ON FIRE in this week’s TWEETS OF THE WEEK

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VeloVoices Awards 2019: Best Hair, Tattoos or Facial Adornment

One of the most coveted awards … last year’s winner was D’Artagnan himself, Julian Alaphilippe. However, this year, it seems that a few of our VeloVoices have taken the category title to mean smiles are included. Being a live-and-let-live kind of editor, I’m thinking, yeah okay …

Voting ends on 14 December 2019 at 11.59PM, GMT. If you think there’s someone who should be on the list, there’s a write-in option on the poll at the bottom of the post! 

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