The Passo dello Stelvio (according to Top Gear)

Missing today’s cancelled Giro stage? Depressed that we won’t see the epic Passo dello Stelvio? Here’s an alternative view of the road from Davos to Stelvio, courtesy of BBC’s Top Gear. In 2008 they declared it the greatest driving road in the world. Hard to argue with that. (It’s a great segment but if you just want to see the Stelvio bit, start the video from around the 8:00 mark.)

Giro stage 19 preview: STAGE CANCELLED

Stage 19: Ponte di Legno to Val Martello/Martelltal, 160km, high mountains

UPDATE 0840 BST: Today’s stage has been cancelled due to snow and extreme cold.

The Giro continues to be plagued by poor weather, as a result of which today’s stage has had to be rerouted at the expense of two of the race’s most iconic climbs, the Passo di Gavia and Passo dello Stelvio. Instead we have a longer route and two new climbs, the Passo del Tonale and Passo Castrin which, while not as high as those they replace, will still be extremely challenging in the anticipated cold conditions. The Tonale is ‘only’ classified as a cat 2 but is 8.3km long with an average gradient of 7.5%, rising to a maximum of 10%. The Castrin is deemed a cat 1 climb: similar in length to the Tonale at 8.4km but noticeably steeper with a 9.5% average including a section at 13%.

The final 55km is basically all uphill, culminating in the final 22km climb to the summit of Val Martello, which is making its Giro debut. It averages 6.4% but the steepest sections of 14% come towards the summit, either side of a lake-side plateau. Continue reading

March Video Vault: From Rome to San Remo

After doing our video awards post after the Oscars, we realised that you all really love to watch cycling videos as much as we do! So, once a month or so, we are going to be gathering some of our favourite recent videos and posting them here in a feature we’ll call the Video Vault. This initial selection takes us from a journey from Rome to San Remo via the Passo dello Stelvio.

If you have a video you think should be included in our monthly round-ups, tweet a link to @kiss_my_panache. Enjoy the show!

1. Pippo celebrates second place

After Blel Kadri wins Roma Maxima in a solo break, Pippo Pozzatto thinks he’s won as he takes the sprint for second place.

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