VeloVoices Podcast 184: In person, Wout looks very dewy

The band is back together! Kathi, Midge, Luke, Issie and Euan pull up their chairs at the VeloVoices conference table and chew on everything that’s gone on in cycling over the past couple of weeks.

  •  Issie and Kathi give us a fan’s eye view of the Tour of Britain
  • Our American amigo, Luke, is the designated reporter for the European Championships
  • More hipster races than you can shake a stick at
  • Comings and goings through transfers and retirements
  • And very excited previews for the Worlds and Paris-Roubaix

Listen here:


VeloVoices Podcast 102: ‘Let’s mess with the head of GVA’

In our PACKED episode 102, Midge and Kathi discuss why Peter Sagan might not be ready to win Roubiax, why we love Tom Boonen, why you should never let PhilGil in a break,  how to review Fleche Wallonne in 30 seconds and we wonder why we just don’t care about the Ardennes. Plus a (very loose) preview of the Giro, and a look back at the career of Michele Scarponi.
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Tweets of the Week: Sad sighs and Roubaix stories

It is with a few sad sighs that I put this week’s Tweets together. Sad sigh for the end of my favourite part of the season – once the dust settles at Roubaix, I feel a sense of overwhelming ennui. And a heartfelt sigh as we said goodbye to the greatest Classics rider, possibly of all time, Tom Boonen. We’ll be doing a special post about that soon (#StayAlert!) but today, we have the Stories of Roubaix – bits and pieces I’ve picked up over the weekend from Twitter. For me, it’s often what happens behind the leaders that are the most interesting stories. Enjoy!
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