Friday Feature: Sheree’s Giro diary

Sheree brings us her written, photo and audio diary from her trip to the Giro this week.

I’ve been in north-east Italy to watch stages 10-12 of the Giro d’Italia, which are handily grouped in an area of outstanding beauty, significant historical interest, loads of vineyards and, most importantly, the Dolomites. We arrived on Sunday evening to discover we were sharing our hotel with the leggy hostesses from a number of the Giro’s sponsors – my husband’s eyes lit up! On Monday, I enjoyed the Giro’s first rest day by riding around the countryside but the only team I saw out in the warm sunshine was Cannondale, who made my day when they called out “Ciao Bella!” Italians are sooooo charming. Continue reading

Friday Feature: An interview with journalist Laura Meseguer

For many cycling fans Eurosport is the cycling channel. This year the television company played a blinder – to use a technical football term – when it recruited Laura Meseguer to its ranks for the Vuelta. Fitting, really, given that the guy who hired her is responsible for both football and cycling coverage on Eurosport. [My dream job – Ed.] Laura and I first met at the Tour de France and then spent the rest of the season just missing one another at various events due to pressure of work. But I’ve finally tracked her down and we’re enjoying an espresso together on the VeloVoices sofa. Continue reading