AntBanter! March Rider of the Month

For saying March is a month that carries the optimism of spring, we cycling fans seem to like it brutal and gritty don’t we? There may not have been any ice-encrusted riders this year, but we had the usual instalments of will-crushing bad weather, climbs so steep you expect to see John Lithgow chasing Sly Stallone up them, dust, crashes, and of course, plenty of those Flandrian cobbles.

Yet somehow, in spite of all that, riders threw themselves into the burgeoning season with the vigour and enthusiasm of, erm, me in a Belgian brewery, and out of all that mayhem came some outstanding racing. Continue reading

AntBanter! Fantasy lessons to be learned

Not so long ago, I was holding out for the onset of some hors categorie climbs to breathe new life into my ailing Fantasy Tour de France team. I should have known better than to think that my downward spiral could ever be reversed, as all I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks has been an ever-growing malaise among the riders of Much Abdou About Nothing.

It’s been so bad in fact, that I’ve slumped to 583rd, which puts all of my fellow VeloVoices above me (comfortably, I might add). Not even cheering on David Millar or Mark Cavendish on the Champs Elysees could change that. So it’s time for me to be realistic, open, and honest, and look into the finer detail as to where I went wrong. Who knows? I may learn something. Continue reading