P is for Peloton: The A-Z of Cycling

I know Panache and Miss Kitty are working away on their Christmas lists, but sometimes you just can’t wait that long! P is for Peloton: The A-Z of Cycling is a case in point. Lovingly crafted by journalist Suze Clemitson and beautifully illustrated by Mark Fairhurst, this is a “must have” reference book for fans (and would-be fans) of the sport.

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Friday Feature: Illustrator Mark Fairhurst

We at VeloVoices love when people have the panache to pursue their passions and share their talents. Mark Fairhurst is one of those people. Mark has only been producing artwork since August 2012 but he’s already developing a style that harks back to the great cycling prints and poster of the Art Deco era, as well as developing a fan base through Twitter. Mark’s work gives a nod to tradition and affirms his passion and understanding of the sport we love, so I thought it appropriate to sit down and have a chat with him. (All illustrations © Mark Fairhurst.) Continue reading