VeloVoices Awards 2015: Best Race Finish of the Year

It is never all over until the fat lady sings and your front wheel is over the white line (err …) on the road. 2015 has provided us with race finishes that were astute, exciting, tear-jerking and in some cases quite frankly outrageous. Stand by and get ready to cheer until you’re hoarse for the VeloVoices Best Race Finish Award.

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Worlds Tweets of the Week: Second to none

The name Libby Hill might very well become part of cycling legend – it was a great Worlds in Richmond and Twitter was there! I’ve sifted through the debris after the crowds left and have all the goodies. We have Robocop Kiryienka, That Boy Phinney, #KwiatKrush, Lizzie Armitstead  and, of course, the Velvet Samurai himself, Peter Sagan – plus plenty of fan interaction!   Continue reading

Podcast #74: The week of the Worlds

Manhole covers and feedzone encroachments notwithstanding, the World Championships in Richmond got Chris, Kathi and Midge as excited as the crowds atop Libby Hill. The chat was at feverpitch as the team looks back on all the champions of the week – both those who made the podium and those who didn’t.

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