VeloVoices Awards 2018: Spine-Tingling Moment of the Year

The drama, the passion, the sitting on the edge of your seat, unable to tear your eyes away from events unfolding on the television. As Midge is so fond of saying, bike racing has to sing to your soul. Why else would we spend hours thinking and talking about it? Here’s our selection of gasp-out-loud moments – let us know yours in the comments. VOTE NOW!

Previous winners: 2015 – Taylor Phinney’s return; 2016 – Chris Froome and Peter Sagan breakaway; 2017 – not awarded

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Tour de France 2018: FINAL KM STAGES 1-9

First week of Le Tour and it’s the usual up-down-left-right chaos. Nerves a-jangling for the GC favourites – take it as read there were incidents and accidents on every stage. Fast muscles a-twitching for the sprinters, and boy did they have a LOT of opportunities. And at the end of it all an appointment with the hallowed Roubaix pavé for the Tour’s very own A Sunday in Hell.
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