VeloVoices Awards 2017: Unsung Heroes

This is an award that can be a rider or someone who works within cycling – and we have both this year. A couple of hard-riding domestiques and one mighty woman who is taking on inequality in sport. Yeah! But if you’d like to sing the praises of someone not on our list, it’s time for a write in vote … 
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VeloVoices Awards 2016: Breakthrough Rider (Male)

We had a lot of new names on our lips (and on the blog) this year, with all five Monuments going to first-time winners and newbies a go-go winning their first Grand Tour stages. So this is our salute to the young’uns who we think have finally stepped well and truly into the spotlight after a season or two of waiting in the wings.
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Tour de France 2016: A to Z (Part I) from Alaphilippe to Moved to tears

C’est fini. We have said our last goodbye. The caravan has thrown its last freebie and the bunting is bedraggled. If you’re still missing the Tour buzz, we’ve got you covered with our A-Z of the weird, the wonderful and the wistful at the 103rd Tour de France.

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