Hitchin’ a ride: Shimano 2014 season highlights

Get an adrenaline kick with this 2014 season highlights reel from Shimano. In addition to artful slo-mo shots of fans and riders, there’s the ever popular on-bike of Giant-Shimano winding up for some big sprints and bumping, skidding and jolting with mountain bikers on their way through the forests.

Watching these guys hauling ass should get everyone excited about the new season!

Giant sprint in Vuelta stage 5

We picked out Giant-Shimano’s John Degenkolb in both our Riders to Watch and our Vuelta preview podcast as a real contender for the sprints and we were right! Just to prove our point (and celebrate the greatness that is Degenkolb), here is the finale of Vuelta’s stage 5 with his winning sprint.

(Pressed for time? Fast forward to 9.00 for the last 1.5km – they’re going like bats out of …)