Tweets of the week: Stybar presses on, Fluff arrives and Pippo sparks

This week, we have laundry hijinks, gourmet peanut butter sandwiches, Hour rumours and the thrill of a desert race. From Sagan to Froome, Mick Jagger to Luca Paolini, Spartacus to Stybar and Bertie to Schleck the Younger. It’s another week of tweets … Continue reading

Tweets of the week: Bernie, beach boys and more bromance

I’m starting to think that in the Veloshire, Groundhog Day comes around in mid-February, not Feb 2nd like in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Why? Well, because last week we had some bromances, we had some naked riders (okay, just Pippo) and boys posing on a beach in the Middle East. This week we have some bromances, some naked riders (okay, just Purito) and boys posing on the beach. Oh, and the Ladies’ Favourite. Continue reading

Tweets of the Week: Special Valentine’s edition – love ya, bro!

This is the week of that great holiday for lovers, St Valentine’s Day. And what better way to celebrate than with a little velo love? Has Bernie been replaced in Cav‘s bromantic heart by That Boy Phinney? What is Kittel doing inviting Cav to his hotel room? Will Alonso love cycling so much he’ll hug it to death, like a child with a kitten? And why on earth is Pippo baring all these days? Let’s find the answers, shall we? Continue reading