Friday Feature: Interview with ex-professional Emma Davies

I first met former GB track and road professional Emma back in 2010 when she was running a training camp for Hot-Chillee, the organisers of London-Paris, from Stephen Roche’s former hotel on the Cote d’Azur. During that camp she fortuitously met triathlete Claire Scrutton (now Blackie) and the two put in motion Cycle Cote d’Azur which, as it enters its third year of operation, I’m pleased to report is going from strength to strength. Finally, we’ve found time in our equally busy schedules to enjoy a coffee and one of my delicious muffins – recipe to follow later in The Musette – and discuss Emma’s distinguished career (sadly cut short by injury), the state of women’s cycling and her current interests. Continue reading

Get behind the barricades, or on the roads, or both!

Image courtesy of Treklens

Thanks to my location on the French Riviera [sounds glamorous – Ed], I’m going to be watching as many live races as my commitments and the racing calendar permit. As a consequence, many of you might start to feel just a tiny, weeny bit envious. I can understand that. I live in a fabulous part of the world where I can rub shoulders regularly with the cycling elite and even ride with them, providing I can catch them!

But you can too, more easily than you might think! Let me explain.

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