Tour de France 2021: Stage 13 – Mark Cavendish Ties Record, Belgian Boomer Unhappy

“I have been to the Great Wall of China. I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt. I’ve even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. But never in all my years as a sportscaster have I witnessed something as improbable, as impossible, as what we’ve witnessed here.” – Cotton McKnight

While I have not been to the Great Wall of China, nor have I seen the Pyramids of Egypt, and thank the Lord I have never witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel, indeed, I have never witnessed something as improbable, as impossible, as what we witnessed here today. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Mark Cavendish has won his fourth stage of the 2021 Tour de France, tying Eddy Merckx‘s record for the most career Tour de France stage wins. There is not much to write about it in words that can do it any real justice. We have heard this day talked about for the better part of a decade and here we are. . . Mark Cavendish is a Tour de France (co-)record holder!

Cav’s lead-out man Michael Morkov (at this point, just give him the Tokyo gold, please) placed second on the stage in a dominating team performance. Alpecin-Fenix’s Jasper Philipsen rounded out the podium. Despite several crashes throughout the stage, the GC remains unchanged as Tadej Pogacar continues to more than comfortably wear yellow as the race heads for the Pyrenees.

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The Big Feature: The Northern Line

Here at VeloVoices Towers, we love great design. And it doesn’t get much greater than the work of The Northern Line, aka Don Mammatt. The range of posters has grown considerably so we thought it was about time we had a chat with him about his work. And if you love his work, you can get 20% off anything in the cycling range. Just put in code VV20 when you order online. 
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VeloWars: The Peloton Awakens!

With the exciting opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we at VeloVoices asked the question: Who in pro cycling could play the most iconic roles in the universe? (Plus, Panache and Ant are Star Wars nerds so this just had to be done. [Ahem, so am I – Kitty]) Using a vintage blue Star Wars card as inspiration, we went to work selecting our cast. Continue reading