A to Z of the 2013 season: Part 2

It’s part two, from N to Z, of our idiosyncratic, tongue-in-cheek look back at the 2013 season. Yesterday we went from Angliru to Married, today it’s Nocturnal to Zola! Continue reading

Tweets of the Week: Phinney’s guyliner, surfin’ Sagan and Nutella madness

As I wasn’t able to compile a Tweets column last week, due to being stuck in Edinburgh without a computer, this week we have a double helping of Twitter fun. And as I have already compiled an entire Tweets of the Week Extra around the Rasmussen tell-all, I will not be delving into that subject … so, for better or for worse, this will be about happier, more positive things – like Taylor Phinney in eye makeup, Peter Sagan riding the waves and Panache’s unnatural obsession with chocolate spread. Let’s get to it! (And make sure you click the links – and it might not look like it but most of the headings are links!)

Well, did you evah…

…see anything quite so disturbing??? Ye gods! A few weeks ago, some of the peloton were racing in Japan and decided to give everyone a thrill by pitting themselves against (small-ish) sumo wrestlers, for the amusement of, well, everyone. This first picture is Argonaut Marcel Kittel eyeing up his competition, with Peter Sagan on the side looking on.

Sumo Kittel

Here, Chris Froome seems to have gone all floppy, in that ‘if I just pretend I have no bones, this guy will lose interest in snapping me like a tiny Sky twig’ kind of way.

Sumo Froome

While we’re in the mood for cyclists in strange outfits, here is recently retired Dave Zabriskie and family ready for some Halloween hijinks. It helps to be lean when you’re in this sort of superhero onesie.

Zabriskie Incredibles

And here is Peter Sagan wearing practically nothing at all. The ‘lean’ comment applies here too. Everyone together now: ‘I got a ’30 Ford wagon and we call it a woodie ...’

Sagan surfing 2 Sagan surfing 1

Just like me, they long to be …

One thing is true about cycling – the guys in the peloton are almost always happy to engage with fans, especially the little ones. Luke Rowe and That Boy Phinney have certainly made some little fans happy.

Luke Rowe fans

Taylor with fans

And sometimes a fan makes a cyclist’s day. (If it’s not women plying him with homemade cookies, it’s women plying him with dog accessories … Jens really does live the life of Riley, don’t you think?)

Jens collar

Fashion – turn to the left!

That Boy Phinney has been out and about in the way only a 6’5″ good-looking corn-fed young American can be.

Taylor at party

I wonder, however, if this is the look he’s going for. It’s uncanny. Un. Canny.

Taylor lookalike

Oh, my. I seem to have hit my head and gone back to the 1980s (when, OBVIOUSLY, I was only five years old, so I only vaguely remember those years …). For British readers who don’t realise this – Americans call their trousers ‘pants’. For Americans who don’t realise this – the British call their underwear ‘pants’. So Taylor’s description is waaaaaaaay funnier to a British audience … Altogether now ‘Reach out, touch faith …

Taylor in eyeliner

Sweets for my sweet …

So, our beloved Panache has gone off on a bit of a tangent – a hazelnut tangent, it would seem. As Oleg Tinkov has not come through with sponsorship money for our podcast (only Panache was willing to do a deal with him, by the way – Tim and I not so much), he is now trying to coax Nutella to maybe look our way. How’s that working for us, Panache?

This is, of course, Panache looking the way only a 6’5″ good-looking corn-fed young American can while holding a jar of hazelnut chocolate spread.

Nutella panache

This next one hits a little closer to home than usual – what with the revelations from last week. (Except I for one do not believe that Rasmussen did anything nefarious with Nutella. But if he did, he wouldn’t have had any regrets and he’d do it all again …)

Nutella syringesRemember Panache running around Alpe d’Huez in his Speedos this summer? Chad was there too. In his Speedos. He might have been high on sugar, so easily coerced.

Nutella selfie 3

Luke, as far as we know, was *not* on the Alpe in his Speedos. But with a breakfast like this, he’ll be on a sugar buzz for days!

Nutella selfie 2

The less said about this picture, the better …

Nutella royaltyNutella mustache

Panache was even trying to recruit Ted King and Taylor Phinney into his crazy Nutella scheme!

Nutella King Nutella bike stop Nutella babies

The Gruppetto

I love this comment from Jens’ children. (Perceptive kids…)

Jens beef jerky

Adam Hansen was living on a prayer it seemed …

Hansen climbing

Michelle Cound was putting out fire with gasoline.

Froome ET 1 Froome ET 2 Froome ET 3

Dan Martin was concerned there might be a bit of voodoo at work.

Dan Martin voodoo doll

And that voodoo forced him to put on women’s sparkly high heels – didn’t we have something about that with Taylor Phinney a few weeks ago???

Dan Martin sparkly shoes

Mick Jagger was contemplating days gone by.

Uran Sky cup

Oh, enough of this irreverence …

Last word

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 5.45.53 PM

Podcast #23: So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

We wave goodbye to the 2013 season and to some familiar faces who are taking their leave of the professional peloton. But fear not: we’re going nowhere and will be back in two weeks’ time!

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