Giro review: Round-table (part 1)

The VeloVoices have been enjoying a long weekend on both sides of the Atlantic, with Panache sunning it up on the beach for Memorial Day while in the UK we’ve been wondering what that strange yellow disc in the sky is during the spring bank holiday weekend. But it was straight back to business this morning (with the exception of Jack, who’s on study leave) as we set to work dissecting the last three weeks at the Giro. Continue reading

Giro Tweets: Snow, the Acquanettes and Lance

This is the last Giro Tweets for this year, next week we’re back to just plain old Tweets of the Week. We’ve had a good few weeks – and we still have some great stuff coming up. We have Michele Acquarone, That Boy Phinney, The Boy Vinny is all over the place and one Lance Armstrong, who is freaking everybody out by getting more active on Twitter and engaging with the very people who detest him. Continue reading