Giro d’Italia review: Round-table (part 1)

An eventful, exciting and exhilirating Giro d’Italia left us with many talking points to chew over and discuss at VeloVoices Towers. Over a rather excellent bottle of chablis this evening, we’ve been taking a misty-eyed look back over the last three weeks of one of the most exciting races any of us can remember. Continue reading

Cycling Families: Le Tour de Langkawi

Here at VeloVoices I’ve been seriously seeking siblings. It’s quite amazing how many sets of brothers are riding in the professional peloton, often on the same team. Actually, it’s not. Read any racer’s biography and he’ll often cite an older brother who raced as his inspiration to take up cycling. That older brother may or may not have gone on to race professionally but either way he’ll have sent his younger sibling along the competitive path.

Scanning the start list of Le Tour de Langkawi I thought I’d hit pay dirt when I noticed two sets of brothers, one of whom were related to last year’s runner-up. So allow me to present firstly the Italian Locatelli fratellli and then the Colombian hermanos Nino Corredor.

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