Kitty’s 2016 Christmas Gift Guide : Bike charities

I think it’s safe to say that we all love bikes, in one way or another – and many of you have spoken about how getting into cycling has changed your life. Perhaps riding has made you more fit or brought you a group of new friends. Maybe the love of cycling has actually given you a new career. So why not spend a little money to help cycling change someone else’s life? Here are some charities that can do that …  Continue reading

Kitty’s 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: Cycling photography books

While Panache has been hunting down super-cool kit for Christmas, I’ve been looking at some of the year’s best cycling photography books. Tomes that might be the very thing to bring a smile to the face of the cyclist in your life. (Even if that cyclist is you!) Each of these books has its own flavour and perspective – yet none of them disappoint.  Continue reading