The Musette: Sticky chocolate prune cake

Chocolate cakes are always popular at cycling club events. I’ve tried a number of different versions but this one really hits the spot. It’s very rich – you only need a small piece to get that sugar hit – so it goes a lot further. Crucial when you’re feeding up to 500 hungry cyclists in a morning. I like to think that the addition of all those prunes must make it better for you too. Continue reading

The Musette: Mascarpone brownies

The richer a brownie is, the better it tastes. I would far rather have a fat finger of something truly decadent than a large square of what is often just a squidgy chocolate cake studded with nuts.

Over the years I’ve made all sorts of variations with cheesecake, peanut butter, blondies – you name it and I’ve probably tried it. But this is one of my all-time favourite brownie recipes: dark, rich, fudge-like. It’s not for the faint-hearted! I typically serve them as part of an afternoon tea or as a tempting sweet mouthful to conclude a drinks party or as an after-dinner petit four. Continue reading