The Musette: The not-so-humble omelette

I always have eggs in the fridge. If you’ve got eggs you’ve got an instant meal. Now I only like my eggs scrambled or in omelettes/frittatas/tortillas – egg grand tours! I don’t eat them boiled, poached, coddled or fried.

I do, however, love omelettes and if I’m on my own will often rustle one up for breakfast or lunch after my morning ride with whatever’s lurking in the fridge: cheese and ham, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, herbs. I’m very particular about my omelettes, I like them baveuse, that is golden, pillowy and still soft in the middle. Continue reading

The Musette: Oat breakfast bars

As soon as the weather starts getting warmer, we begin our rides earlier in the morning causing us a bit of a breakfast dilemma. What can we eat that’s quick, filling and packed with energy? The answer is my oat breakfast bars. They’re much softer and contain far less sugar and fat than, say, a typical flapjack and are therefore much easier to digest and are, dare I say it, better for you. I often whip up a batch on Friday evening to keep us going over the weekend. They’re also the right size to pop into the jersey pocket for some mid-ride refuelling. Continue reading