Tweets of the Week 2019: Confetti dreams

We had races all over the place in the past week – including one that had a *confetti finish*! Hell YEAH! This week, we have LouLou, PhilGil and the Mighty Degs – who took the final sprint in Provence *and* saved Roubaix Juniors! Not bad for a weekend. We also have The Ladies’ Favourite™, a cliffhanger of a finish in Colombia and  Continue reading

Tweets of the Week 2019: Dumb and dumber …

This week’s Tweets … oh Lord. You just have to wonder sometimes, don’t you? We wrap up the toxic Keisse case and then we go straight into a lot of cyclists who actually were lovely to their fans this week. Plus some Mallorcan challenges and a gruppetto of old and new …

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Tweets of the Week: The glorious stallion that is Thomas De Gendt

It’s a ‘beasy’ time as we get ready for the first Grand Tour of the season starting on Friday. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t great racing last week. Today, we celebrate Thomas De Gendt in the Alps, dance with Dan Craven in Senegal and lament the sanitisation of Fabianese. Plus much much more … It’s a bumper crop of TWEETS OF THE WEEK

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