VeloVoices Podcast 170: DSM have got something funky going on!

Kathi, Midge, Luke and Euan gather round the table to discuss the past two weeks of racing.

  • Young Pidders wins some and loses some
  • Cav wins lots
  • Rog goes up against Pog and comes out on top
  • And Uno-X’s Prince Charmig wins our hearts

Plus fake Tinder pictures, the multiple Tours of the Alps and the joys of time travel.

Listen here:

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VeloVoices Awards 2019: Best Race Finish

Cycling fans had so much to celebrate this season – great Monument wins, hard-fought and fabulous Grand Tours, and everything in between. Here is the team’s picks for Race Finish of the Year.

Voting ends on 14 December 2019 at 11.59PM, GMT. If you think there’s someone who should be on the list, there’s a write-in option on the poll at the bottom of the post! 

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