Doping stories: the rights and (not so) wrongs

Doping stories are like buses, aren’t they? You go several months without one, then three come along at once. Yesterday we had separate stories break about track sprint world champion Gregory Bauge, road world champion Mark Cavendish and FDJ’s Yoann Offredo.

These reports elicited responses ranging from the sensible (a few) to bemused caution (many) to zealous condemnation (a small but vocal minority). But what is the real story in terms of the rights and wrongs – or not-so-wrongs?  Continue reading

Welcome to Velo Voices


Welcome to the launch of Velo Voices, a new blog about the world of professional cycling, with a particular focus on men’s road racing.

Why ‘Velo Voices’? Well, first of all this is a blog for fans, written by a group of fans and from a fan’s perspective. Each of us has a different voice and different opinions, but we all share the same passion for the sport.

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