Friday Feature: Riding with Panache at the Tour de France

Recently I had the opportunity to go to the 100th Tour de France with two friends, Chad and Scott. It turned out to be 11 #panachetastic days: a trip of a lifetime that I will always remember. During our journey, we rode many of the legendary cols from the Tour’s history, witnessed the most epic stages of this year’s Tour in person and met some of the greatest fans in the world.

Of course, I couldn’t venture to Europe without my camera and I took many photographs to document my trip. I sat down with Kitty to discuss some of the images and share my experiences. I hope you enjoy the images. I sure enjoyed making them. Continue reading

Riding with Panache: Giro LTZ Gloves

On hot summer days like we’re having now I hate wearing heavy gloves with lots of padding when I ride. I don’t want hot hands unless they belong to a supermodel rubbing me down after a winter ride! I prefer gloves that are light and aero, give me some additional grip, and look as pro as hell.

I was pleasantly surprised when Joao Correia (former Cervelo Test Team rider) from InGamba bike tours sent me a black pair of Giro LTZ gloves to try out last year. I loved them so much that early this summer I ordered two pairs of white ones that go nicely with my team kit and white sunglasses. Continue reading

Riding with Panache: Rapha style

Many VeloVoices readers are avid cyclists themselves and I often get asked about various types of bikes, accessories and apparel so I thought I would write a semi-regular column called Riding with Panache. In it, I will share tips on how to look and feel good when riding and will, from time to time, review cycling products that I have purchased or that have been sent me. (I will always let you know which is which.) These are my opinions and you may disagree. Just know that no matter what you think, I am always right. Today I’m reviewing some kit from Rapha. (All photographs ©Panache.)

Continue reading