Tour de France 2018: The cobbles, the climbs, the cool cats

Besuited pro cyclists in Paris in October? It can only mean one thing. YES! It’s time for Tour de France supremo Monsieur Prudhomme to reveal exactly what they have to face come next July. It has all the right tingles so let’s have a look at highlights of the parcours and the fashion.

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Tour de France 2017: A to Z part 1 – Aruuuuuuuu to Most Valuable

It’s time to run down the A to Z of the Tour de France 2017 – and we’re going to start with a song! Let’s go back to Dusseldorf when the Tour had yet to start and everyone was, in the words of the late Dusty Springfield… wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’.

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