VeloVoices Podcast 104: Panache, your mancrush is still in pink

In our 104th episode, Midge, Kathi and Chris discuss stages 10-21 of the 100th Giro d’ Italia which is being talked about as  one of the best grand tours in recent memory – certainly the most unpredictable! Between the twists and turns of the stages, the trash talking, the fantastic performances, and it all coming down to the the final seconds of the TT on the last day, this Giro is one for the ages!
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Podcast 103: Giro 2017 Stages 1-9 roundup

In our 103 episode, Midge, Kathi and Chris discuss the first 9 stages of the 100th Giro d’ Italia. We delight in all the fresh-faced, first-time, stage winners and look forward to the back half of the race! And we ask the question: why is it always ‘porn stars’ – why don’t we hear about ‘porn supporting actors’?

(Please accept our apologies  for the audio quality of this episode as our sound engineer was taken out by a police moto during stage 9.)
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VeloVoices Podcast 102: ‘Let’s mess with the head of GVA’

In our PACKED episode 102, Midge and Kathi discuss why Peter Sagan might not be ready to win Roubiax, why we love Tom Boonen, why you should never let PhilGil in a break,  how to review Fleche Wallonne in 30 seconds and we wonder why we just don’t care about the Ardennes. Plus a (very loose) preview of the Giro, and a look back at the career of Michele Scarponi.
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