Tour de France 2017 : Handmade Cyclist Tour prints

We’ve featured the work of Handmade Cyclist in just about every gift guide we’ve ever done on VeloVoices. We absolutely love the clean, bold designs of his posters and the cheeky quotes on the mugs. He’s released some new posters for the Tour and we think they’re rather grand!
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Kitty’s 2016 Christmas Gift Guide : Bike charities

I think it’s safe to say that we all love bikes, in one way or another – and many of you have spoken about how getting into cycling has changed your life. Perhaps riding has made you more fit or brought you a group of new friends. Maybe the love of cycling has actually given you a new career. So why not spend a little money to help cycling change someone else’s life? Here are some charities that can do that …  Continue reading