Tweets of the Week: Slippery, saucy and sweet

It’s the start of another season of cycling here at VeloVoices Towers – and that means the start of another season of Tweets of the Week! This week, we have riders dipped in baby oil (slippery!), having a pillow fight (saucy!) and dressed as liquorice allsorts (sweet!). Plus, as it’s Tour Down Under time, the obligatory pictures of riders with roos (jumpy!). Let’s hop to it then …
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Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Cycling prints and more

You’ve got the teeshirt, the cycling kit – now stick something fabulous on your wall! We don’t just have cycling prints, however, we have some stationery, a training app to get you fit and faster, and a charity that knows what freedom a bicycle can mean … 

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