Quickest in Qatar

‘‘Our legs were sometimes doing 110 turns per minute’’ 

2014021298_QATAR ETAPE 4_16-b © A.S.O./B.Bade

Boonen takes it by a hair overGreipel in Stage 4 of Tour of Qatar (Image: ASO/B.Bade)

So said FDJ’s Arnaud Demare about yesterday’s stage. It was fast and furious in Stage 4 of the Tour of Qatar but Boonen prevailed… And BOY, does he look in fantastic form. Fingers crossed he stays healthy and happy this spring. [Story from Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Feb]

What’s up with Philippe Gilbert?

What’s up with Philippe Gilbert? The former world champion has been getting a lot of press lately – here’s what he has to say for himself …

G Gilbert with tache

Allan Peiper’s appointment as manager of the team after John Lelangue’s departure last summer is pleasing to the Belgian. [Cycling News; Feb 10]

Gilbert favours MSR over LBL this year [VeloNation; Feb 10]

“Je veux tout donner sur les Ardennes” He’s going to give it all in the Ardennes [sport.fr;Feb 10]

“When I’m not able to win anymore, I will stop.” He has thrown the gauntlet down at his own feet! [VeloNews; Jan 28]