Podcast #1: Introduction and Tour Down Under

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the VeloVoices podcast, where Panache, Kitty and Tim chew the fat over the first WorldTour race of the year, the Tour Down Under. And laugh at each other’s accents. And talk about the weather.

(Note: No alcohol was consumed in the making of this podcast. Well, not much, anyway.)

#1: Introduction and Tour Down Under review (27 Jan 2013)

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2013 kick-off round-table (part 1)

And then there were six. With Ant now joining the team, it’s getting a little crowded around the table at VeloVoices Towers. However, we managed to squeeze everyone in (except for Panache who joined us via Skype from our Washington DC office, aka the Peloton Pentagon) earlier this month to conduct a start-of-season round-table. Here’s part one of our discussion – part two follows tomorrow. Continue reading