Ode to the God of Thunder

Thor resplendent in yellow in 2011’s Tour (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Thor Hushovd turns 34 today, giving us a good excuse to celebrate the Norse God of Thunder.

The most successful Scandinavian cyclist to date, the mighty Thor has won the Tour de France’s green jersey twice: first in 2005 and then, in slightly controversial circumstances, in 2009. Once the officials demoted Mark Cavendish in stage 14’s sprint finish, it looked like Thor had the green jersey sewn up. However, his audacious 80km solo ride through the mountains on stage 17 to pick up a cluster of intermediate points proved to the doubters that he was a deserving winner of the maillot vert in Paris.

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The Peloton – Timm Kölln

This is a book about madness. Photographer Timm Kölln spent five years travelling the world photographing the professional peloton just moments after riders crossed the finish line. And madness is what he has preserved.

The hollow eyes, the crazed facial expressions, the camouflage patterns that dirt and helmets make on faces and hair – the madness that makes these guys go all out during a race and the madness that sticks to them until the skin stops bristling with nerves, the heart rate falls, the blood stops pushing out all sound other than the beating of their heart.

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