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  1. john says:

    Hi folks. Following on from my earlier tweet regarding Nicole Cooke’s retirement/career, do you have any plans on featuring their professional tour? As a country we have several teams already and with the advent of The Wiggle team with high profile British riders and the new CTC team, I suspect that many of your readers would appreciate your unique view on the scene. Who knows it may even attract further readers

    • In an ideal world we would cover women’s road cycling more. Our issue has always been one of access to races – as non-professional fans, we can only cover what we can see – and to a certain extent our own limited knowledge of women’s racing.

      We’re 100% behind the development of women’s cycling and will try to do what we can to cover it – we’re looking at some things behind the scenes now – but I would be lying if I said that we could be as comprehensive and knowledgeable as we are with the men’s scene, at least in the short term. Bear with us – only so many hours in the day, I’m afraid!

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