Tour Moments of Joy: Stage 10 – Pello Pello Pello

Stage 10 of the Tour de France was won by Pello Bilbao of Bahrain Victorious. He was strong, clever and in his words – ‘kept his blood ice cold’ as he raced for the finish.

Once over the line all the emotions he held in check came flooding out. Not only was this his first Tour de France victory, but it was also in memory of his late teammate Gino Mader.

I crossed the line and just put out all the anger I had inside, remembering the reason for this victory. It’s a special one for Gino. It was the only reason. It was hard to prepare the last two weeks with him in mind.

I can’t imagine what it has been like for all the Bahrain-Victorious staff and riders at the Tour. To somehow pick themselves up and race forward after such an awful event. This victory will mean everything.

Pello is fundraising for the Basoak SOS Association which aims to purchase deforested land and replant it with local flora. His tweet below reads: “Following in Gino’s footsteps and continuing his legacy, during this Tour de France I will donate 1 € to the BaSOS association for each runner who qualifies after me in each stage. The goal is to buy deforested land and replant it with local species.” He later added he would double the contributions for a stage win. 

You can read more about the work of the BaSOS Association here, which also has links to their crowdfunding project.

Respect from everyone who partakes and follows his sport


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