Tour Moments of Joy: Stage 6 – All aboard the autobus

One of my other moments of joy for Stage 6 of Tour de France 2023 is the power of the autobus. It’s time to tip a hat to the guys who love the flats and stick together for the high mountains.

The VeloVoices resident Sassmeister, Luke, said that he was loving how Mark Cavendish has been engaging with his fans this Tour de France. And I have to say, I love it too. It looks like Cav is really enjoying this loop around France – I really hope he can top it off with a record-breaking stage win.

And speaking of Mark Cavendish

…complete with an interesting stat!

The first week has been a mixed bag for the sprinters, with two bone-crushing mountain stages in the midst of it. But the autobus was revved up and got everyone to the line safely.

It’s that thousand-yard stare, isn’t it …

They might not have finished in the autobus, but they know what’s good for them. Haribo. The miracle cure™.

Stage results

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