Tour Moments of Joy: Stage 3 – You know it’s summer when…

To watch Le Tour is to experience a whirlwind of emotions and action. Watching riders celebrate their work in the breakaway – each with their own goals but knowing they need each other to achieve them. The flat out adrenaline rush that is a full on bunch sprint – did you count the number of roundabouts in the last 3km today? However, sometimes Le Tour is simply watching the peloton meandering through an ever-changing landscape and soaking in the atmosphere of the biggest bike race in the world. Enjoy my moments of joy today.

You know it’s summer when you can carry on with your day with these images in the background…

You know it’s summer when The Tour makes you  giggle…

If you have ever been lucky enough to watch a Stage in person, you will know all about the Publicity Caravan that trundles around the parcours in front of the riders. This race sponsors peloton is vibrant, noisy and the people strapped on board sole mission is to hype the crowd to the max. I’ve seen a Vittel bottle on wheels spraying water on hot days, LeClerc handing out polka dots en masse. A formation of Cochonou 2CVs and- I kid you not,- I will get my elbows out to secure a packet of  Haribos!  You can follow their twitter here

The one that made me giggle at work today – ORANGINA!

Jose has all the facts but – Look at it!!!  I’m still laughing at the comical bizarreness. The fact it will complete every kilometre of the race, on those little wheels.

And now I need to find a bottle – A bientot et vive Le Tour!!

Stage results

Header Image: Laurent Pichon (Arkea Samsic)and Neilson Powless (EF Education – Easy Post) congratulate each other on a day in the breakaway.

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