Tour Tweets of the Week 2022 : Magnificent Magnus, radical helmets and Kitten Kong

It’s #TDF2022 and the twitterstream was packed full of cycling goodies. From #RookieRecap to #letourdepoupees, the #couchpeloton is picking up where they left off in the Giro. We also have all the magnificence of Magnus, some shocking chin socks and evidence that Devo were WAY ahead of their time. It’s all here – it’s TOUR TWEETS OF THE WEEK!


Pole position for the lovely Belinda and her pithy and perfect stage recaps

The cycling gods giveth and they taketh away

In the court of Magnus

Stages 2 and 3 were dominated by the magnificence of Magnus Cort and his quest for King of the Mountains jersey in front of home crowds

They even have put on acrobats for the King as he passes by

A burning question

Gruber galleries – the Tour edition

The ridiculousness of cycling

Devo – true visionaries. Whip it. Whip it good!

The Gruppetto

Kittens on the bridge …

Kitten Kong interfering with Ganna

… and dogs in boats.

A box full o’Tour snacks

Wanty rules okay

Bas hangin’ with Pog

The Tufts of Power™



Wout needed to be in here somewhere!

Guffaws a go-go

Because, of course!

Bicycles change lives!

The last word

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